Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black & White

My Japanese garden is neglected at the moment, the only thing I have done this week is buy some black pebbles for the water feature. I will start panicking when it is closer to the end of the month- after all these years I have accepted that I do my best work under pressure anyway! Doesn't make life any easier though. Although I have discovered that lots of creative planning and decision making happens while I look like I am procrastinating. That's my story anyway.

Another reason for the neglect is that it has been too hot, yesterday was 35 degrees. I have been painting furniture all week so it was nice to get out of the house. We headed to the beach at Goolwa to go cockling with my family (5 kids and spouses), they all love fishing, so it was a good excuse to spend time together. I really appreciate that even though we are all over 40 we still enjoy each others company and the kids especially value the feeling of belonging & connection.

My highlight was 4 wheel driving for the first time through the sand dunes and on the beach, I did get bogged on the way back but the risk was worth it.

I am beginning to realise more and more that nothing in life is simply a good or bad, black or white experience. Everything has it's upside and downside. Going to the beach for instance- there's the scenic drive, the beach views, the joy of watching kids bodyboarding, dogs excitedly playing, smell of the sea, excitement of 4 WDing, chatting and laughing with family, beach cricket, collecting shells, the traditional icecream at the end of the day and the wonderful cool shower when you get home. Then there's the preparation, windburn, sand in your food, feeling hot and bothered, sand sticking to sunscreen on your skin, burning your feet on hot sand, hat hair, cleaning out the endless sand from the car, washing dogs and clothes.

The garden is the same it is a lot of work but also alot of pleasure. I guess you just have to keep weighing it up. It's all about what you value and what you choose to focus on! Right now garden and beach are worth it but ask me again when my sunburnt knees and windburnt arms start to sting.


  1. I can never decide what's worse packing to go to the beach or the clean up when you get home. 6 boys headed off in our car to Port Elliot yesterday...without us...all returned home safe just a bit later than what we were expecting. Thank goodness they didn't think to take car on the beach at Goolwa.

  2. I agree with nothing being really good or really bad... I read somewhere the other day, (I'm sure it was on someone's blog, just don't know whose... could have been yours for all I can remember!) that no event is actually good or bad, it's our feelings about the event that make it so.

    I really like that. I like to believe that we can choose how we feel about anything that is doled out to us in life.

    Bugger I am deep.

    Nice beach! And hey, I was born on the Gold Coast, I know a good beach when I see one :p

  3. What a way to spend the day. I love the beach,but its about a 50 minutes drive on a good day without traffic. Of course its winter here so there would be no swimming. Good luck on your Japanese garden.