Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fellowship of suffering.

I have delayed adding my 6 other items from my 'Things that make me happy about my garden' as thoughts of all the people affected by the floods in Queensland fill my mind and heart. I have relatives and friends in various parts of Queensland and although all say they are safe, it's hard not to worry. I sincerely hope all the bloggers are staying safe too. Tragedy certainly changes priorities.

Like many, it is times like this that we feel immense gratitude, to even have a house and garden. It is so confronting to realise that at any moment we are all just a breath away from suffering. It could so easily be you or I. We have the protection of distance but the stories of trauma, loss of life of adults and especially children (even animals) and the devastation of lifetimes of toil, is absolutely heartbreaking. I once heard someone say we are all connected in the 'fellowship of suffering' - we are not in control and none of us are immune from suffering.

The only gold in the darkness is that we have amazingly committed emergency service people and the generosity of Australians in tough times. We have several English friends who on migrating to Australia were astounded by the generosity of Australians in donating and assisting in the Victorian bushfires. They had never experienced this community spirit before. It gives you faith in the human spirit to survive and our innate capacity to rebuild. Nevetheless it will be a long and challenging journey for many. We never really comprehend all the big and small losses and the meaning they hold. There is so much we take for granted. This situation also makes us reflect and if necessary reassess our priorities and to remember that relationships are everything.

This Australia Day we will have lots to grieve, as well as much to be proud of .


  1. Lovely articulate post. Thank you.

  2. You are right that we have a lot to be thankful for. And thankful for the goodness of humankind that comes through when faced with disaster. It makes me hopeful for the future of the world.