Monday, January 3, 2011

More being than doing!

Funny how the gifts on our wish list  at Christmas are often connected to our New Years Resolutions.
This year I asked for and received a hammock. Up until today everyone else had spent more time resting in it but me, even the dogs got a decent turn. One of my hopes for the coming year is to be able to spend more time just simply being and enjoying the garden and life in general, rather than constantly doing. There is always the feeling that I must do just one more thing before I stop, rest and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Later never comes of course- I think this is a very common 'Mum' habit. I have lots of places to sit in my garden but I rarely use them myself.

This year I want to develop some small, simple and deliberate mindful practices as well as becoming more mindful in my everyday life. Not quite sure whether adding blogging will be another distraction, added to the 'to do' list or  maybe it just might keep me accountable. Lets hope its the latter.

I am hoping that by the end of January that my little Japanese garden space will be a place I can escape to and simply 'be'. It's already a lovely place to start and end the day. Nearly there but not quite. Right now I am still distracted by all the possibilities. In the meantime I did enjoy my time in the hammock this afternoon, laying under the wisteria, what I remember anyway. Although you do have to be very 'mindful' getting in and out gracefully! I plan to put my hammock up on the Mexican patio, when it is finished, then I can have a real 'siesta'
Hopefully this is almost worn out from use by next Christmas.

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