Thursday, January 6, 2011

Selective Ambush!

It's amazing how much joy our pets can bring and how quickly they can make us laugh and change our mood. I am sulking and aggro with the world because I have to wait five weeks for an order of pool coping. This means another delay before any more progress can be made on our pool, which was started in September 2010. That's a story for another day.

Fudge ready for Australias Top Model
The dogs are determined not  to let me hold onto my grumpy attitude. Firstly Fudge the younger, bolder, female (with attitude) turns into a stone statue and won't move a muscle when we try her in a jacket that lovely neighbour gave us. She looks very funny anyway but her stiff protest and forlorn look makes it even funnier.

Then as I sit reading blog updates I hear a cry of protest from outside the family room door. The door is open and I wonder why Darcey the older and gentler Italian greyhound doesn't just enter. A closer investigation reveals that Lilly the male cat has him bailed up and is ready to ambush and attack him as he comes through the door. The cat has an evil sense of humour, it often sits at the end of the verandah like a guard preventing him from passing. Darcey sits shivering and terrified until I pick up the cat and end it's psychological game.

Darcey the timid but adorable iggy!
 Meanwhile Fudge (who is the smaller but wider dog) can attack the cat, bite its ears, nip it's back and generally harrass Lilly with no real consequence. Fudge ambushes lilly as she comes through the door!Occassionally the cat has enough and digs its claws into Fudges head, after a shocked squeal but Fudge is back again a few minutes later. Not sure if this is a female, male thing or whether the cat picks up on different energy. Whatever the reason it is hard to stay grumpy and life is quickly put back in perspective.

Mr Lilly very satisfied with his psychological tricks!
And poor old Darcey has gone back to bed to destress and it's only 8:30 am.


  1. Mr Lilly has learnt that he can tease Lulu through the fence like he used to tease Gypsy. Very funny to watch.

    Maybe Fudge doesn't think that hot pink is "her colour"...poor least she didn't try and tear it off like Lulu.

  2. You gotta love pets. They always make you smile. Your group is very good looking.