Sunday, January 2, 2011

Water, water!

I realised the missing piece of the jigsaw in my Japanese Garden has been water. All the books I've read and my visit to Himeji garden have helped me to realise that I am missing water. So today I moved my Zen water column around to the Japanese garden and have started to look at what is needed to have goldfish and some aquatic plants in a bowl. I think I will need a bigger bowl. Actually a feed trough or some kind of old  bath would be perfect- keeping  my eyes open. Underneath the study window would be perfect.

I am also making a list of all the things I want to do in my Japanese garden this month. It is not as far from completion as the rest of the garden so it is a good area to focus on in January. January can be hot and windy like New Years Eve, I have the bug for indoor summer/spring clean and the Japanese garden is shady when everywhere else is hot. I also find it hard to get anything major done in school holidays when Soph is home and friends are over etc. etc. So maybe I can dedicate half the month thinking and half the month doing.

So all I have done so far is move the water feature into the Japanese garden, I will get the pump organised soon and electricity when the electrician comes for other jobs in the next few weeks. All looks a bit blah ( Alot really) at the moment but I am all for momentum,small steps and Kaizen (more about this later). Looking forward to the sound of running water very soon. I am also on the look out for black mulch, a better bamboo screen to disguise the hot water tank and working on David about building a screen to better camouflage the ugly but necessary gas bottles (that doesn't blow over in the slighest gust of wind). I have the seeds of an idea for what to put on the blank walls (more later). So I am doing lots just in my imagination and not yet the garden.

And yes I know I need to improve my photography skills and get a better camera!!!!

very blah at the moment!

Bah!Blah! blah! but stay tuned.


  1. I look forward to listening to your water feature as I sit in the family room. Could you get a volume switch on it so you can turn it up for me. Look forward to reading your blog. I'm sure it will be inspiring. Love Judith x

  2. I love a bit of water in the garden, a few months ago I put in a big concrete ball fountain thingy, and some fish. It's very exciting, unfortunately I've put it in full sun, so will probably cook the fish! It's still bubbling water though, just lovely.

    I look forward to watching your garden grow :)

  3. I am a novice to gardening and look forward to seeing how your garden projects progress. We are a world apart and that in itself is exciting to me. Looking forward to many visits.

  4. Thanx Judith I really miss the sound of your wind chimes- puppies playing and splashing is pretty good though.

  5. your fountain thingy sounds great Ali - the fish sound like they are enjoying first class spa treatment.

  6. Looking forward to hearing more about your world too Beyond My Kitchen Window. I am also hoping to grow some lemons in my Italian garden one day. Hope they will look as good as those in your photo.