Thursday, January 13, 2011

The last 6

As promised, here is the last 6 things to be happy about in my garden.

7. The lemon thyme planted between the sandstone under the clothes line, that has survived the heat and gives of an amazing scent when I step on it, as I hang out my washing.

8. The final roses before they get pruned back and the wait for the next blooms.

9. Lulu's cute, friendly and happy little head that pops through the fence to greet me and always cheers me up.

10. The Mulberry tree that the dogs go round and round has stopped dropping berries, the birds eat them, do ugly purple droppings everywhere that stain everything. next year I must get to them before the birds do.

11. Being able to use so many of the herbs from my own kitchen garden. When friends came over for lunch on Sunday I made a greek feast and used oregano, winter savoury, perpetual spinach, curly parsley, continental parsley, lemon balm and mint. I even used my own chocolate mint to garnish dessert . Recipes in a future blog- lamb souvlaki, beef kofta, my special invented mint salad and raspberry & white choc cheesecake

12. The electrician is booked and coming next week to give power to my water feature.
(amongst other jobs)


  1. Looking forward to the recipes. I plant herbs in the summer and I make lemon thyme cookies with my lemon thyme. Soooo good. I'll have to get the recipe out.

  2. I am looking forward to the recipes too. Love that path!

  3. I love your little book reader, what a marvellous little cherub he is.