Friday, January 21, 2011

View from the window

Its a good thing that I gave some thought to what my garden would look like standing inside, looking through a window-because thats all I have managed to do this week. This has been a week filled with lots of bariers all beginning with 'B' e.g. dealing with books (for highschool),  braces (my daughter's new mouthful), completing boring, business bookwork and bloomin' hot weather. I have only managed to briefly read blogs, not write and have only got in the garden to pick up dog droppings and hang washing. Very frustrating.
From the study window.

Meerrkats & other animals keep guard over Sophie's view.

Out of the bedroom window.

I felt a bit like a combination of Darcey and Fudge the Italian Greyhounds and Lilly the cat when they are desperate to get outside. Darcey leaps about a metre of the ground, up at the glass sliding door and spins around and around in circles. Fudge just sits forlornly whining and looking at me with those big, brown eyes. Lilly just stares at the door handle like he  has special powers and as if it is going to magically open -strangely it always does.

 I read about someone spending a whole day in the garden and some one else who got into their garden everyday. I was very jealous and it seems the weekend is not looking any better for me. I need my garden fix.

The terrible trio not looking to go outside right now and not happy to be disturbed either.

Oh well, some weeks are like that, I will have to make do with the views from the window and stealing half an hour right now. I am off now to cut the last of the roses back so I can look forward to seeing the next blooms from my window.


  1. the animals look very cute, peaceful & serene. Wish I had more time to be like that.

  2. Oh I understand the garden fix thirst, get out there quick woman!