Monday, January 24, 2011

Bounty of flowers

Finally getting to spend a half hour in the garden paid off. The rose bushes look so much better and I got a little bounty to brighten up the inside of the house.

I had forgotten how many different coloured roses I had and how nice many of them smelt. I plan to put in even more this year, they are so low maintenance compared to what they give in return.

This weekend I scored some blooms from a very unexpected source. My bachelor, brother in law who is a dyed in the wool, brown thumb, has no interest in gardening what so ever. He moved into his house at least ten years ago and I was curious if the hydrangeas that had lived around the side of his house still existed. Well guess what!  With no extra watering, cutting back or feeding they were still thriving. I had tried hydrangeas last year several times with no success- maybe I had been too kind. These are the flowers from his neglected plant and there were alot more flowers on the bush.

If only my brother in law had known the plant was still alive and blooming all of that time. He could have saved himself a lot of money on his summer florist bill - not having to buy flowers for his many girlfriends over the years.


  1. I can't believe all the beautiful roses you grew. It would be so difficult to choose a favorite.

  2. My goodness, that's all a bit spectacular. What lovely lovely flowers. I don't understand the brother in law bit though, you mean that the flowers were blooming all that time at the side of his house, that he lived in, and he didn't know it?

  3. I like the photos of your garden and the views from the window. Was it agapanthus that you were told was a weed? Suppose depends on where you are in the world. I think they are fab (with those big flower heads) and they're on my list of plants i'd like to have. Looking forward to visiting your blog. All the best, Kelli.